This amazing advert has almost 56.000.000 views! It is popular, and we make it Pop.


Warhol’s and Lichtenstein’s styles portaits by Graig Redman

Beautiful celebrity portraits work of Graig Redmnan of the NY graphic design duo Craig&Karl. The series, Guise and Protagonist, was designed for a joint exhibition in Ferrara and Milan. Craig Redman redesign their portrait with colorful geometric patterns in a very Linchtenstein and Warhol style. Each face is so obvious that you can mistake who’s who.

Giorgio Armani, Kayne West, Lady Gaga, Valentino.


craig-radman-giorgio-armani-600x400 craig-radman-kanye-west-600x400 craig-radman-lady-gaga-600x400 craig-radman-valentino-600x400 craig-redman-celebrity-portraits-2-600x400 craig-redman-celebrity-portraits-600x400

Designer drugs

LA-based artist Desire Obtain Cherish emergence as a street artist in the 2000s, DOC has blended the concerns and methods of street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art with popular culture to create his own unique satirical message. His work is always engaging, and explores contemporary obsessions with sex, desire, drugs, gender, celebrity, media, commerce and fame. My favorite is the ‘Designers Drugs’ series made on UV Cast Resin.

desire-obtain-cherish-designer-drugs-1-600x429 desire-obtain-cherish-designer-drugs-2-600x410desire-obtain-cherish-designer-drugs-600x427 desire-obtain-cherish-designer-drugs-3-600x387

I think it is sends the message that fashion is a kind of a drug. WE all are obsessed with something. For some of us, fashion is a pill from stress and diffidence, when buying something helps to spend lots of free time and label on a shirt makes you feel superficial. For others it’s a way to express themselves and show their unique taste or feelings hidden deep inside. I think there is a lot of subconscious reasons for people dressing one or another way and has a deep phsycolocigal meaning. It is actually a very interesting theme to develop. Sometimes on the streets of London I see people who everyone call ‘crazy’, who wear dramatic clothes and have all their faces painted. One of them lives somewhere nearby and I was really impressed when first seen this person on the street. I can’t even define if it was  lady or  man. And it would be very interesting to know why is that person trying to expresses one’s feelings this way. Maybe to impress people? Or to show that he is unique and not being like others? You never know…

Pop Pop Bang Bang


Pop Pop Bang Bang project is a collaboration between photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns. Together they focused on three themes that seems to always find their way into movies—explosions, guns, and girls—and create their own conceptual, visually arresting settings in three different London locations.

pop-pop-bang-bang-1 pop-pop-bang-bang-3 pop-pop-bang-bang-5 pop-pop-bang-bang-6 pop-pop-bang-bang-7 pop-pop-bang-bang-8 pop-pop-bang-bang-9

Alexandra Bruel’s shoot for British Vogue December 2012

For December’s Pop Issue of British Vogue, artist  Alexandra Bruel created jewellery set design inspired by the pop art of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and others. I just adore her plasticine creations with notes of glamour and chic in each piece. They are fabulous! This a very nice way for presenting fun and bright jewellery and a very remarkable one! It attracts customer’s attention and creates a playful mood.

alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-01 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-02 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-04 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-05 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-08  alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-15alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-17 alexandra-bruel-shoot-to-thrill-14

Richard Hamilton

As you can see, the background on my blog is a work of a famous British freelance artist Richard Hamilton, who was called a pioneer of Pop Art even though he never agreed with that. He was one of the first artist’s who started creating artworks in Photoshop. His works are very inspiring. Especially I like how he chose  and mixed the colors, how they work all together and create a beautiful image. He was a great artist and I’m sure, he’ll stay in the hearts of people forever.hamilton-home-appealing-2


“We have seen our Popular Culture and it is us.”- Browne&Browne

I find these words absolutely right. Our Pop Culture represents us. Things become popular when we like them. If we like them, means that we find there something about ourselves.